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Positive Voices

Issues like stigma, fear and mis-education plague the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS around the globe.  The Positive Voices documentary series was created to combat these issues by taking aim at a specific topic and exploring it in more depth than Cable Positive’s public service announcements.

Produced in association with Kismet Films, the series is now on its third installment, Cable Positive’s first full-length film, Positive Voices: Women & HIV.  The documentary sheds light on how HIV/AIDS is affecting women, who according to recent Kaiser Family Foundation statistics are accounting for 30% of all new infections.  The film is set to air on Showtime Networks, Inc. on the eve of World AIDS Day 2007, November 30, at 9 PM EST.

PSA Campaign

First we did “Weapons of Mass Instruction,” and then you saw how imperative it was to “Join the Fight.”  But we still have work to do…

Our new 2008 public service campaign works off of this theme.  Each spot challenges the mis-conceptions that still exist 26 years into the AIDS epidemic:  We still have a lot of work to do. In communities around the country, and the world, many audiences have no personal experience with the disease and therefore do not think they can ever be exposed to it.  These new spots share real life stories from individuals from the Actors Fund and Hopes Voice, two organizations who work closely with Cable Positive and are a vital part of the HIV/AIDS community.  The PSAs point out that the disease is everywhere and can affect anyone.

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One-For-One Online Matching Gifts Program

Worldwide there is a deficit between the supply and demand for lifesaving HIV/AIDS medications.  To compound this problem, those who do have access to treatment options lack the education and support to remain on a self sustaining path.  Cable Positive’s One-For-One program takes aim at these two problems by supporting two drug programs and four treatment and support service oriented organizations.

The One-For-One Program is Cable Positive’s first international initiative, and provides direct support to those who need it most.  Follow this link

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HIV/AIDS Information

Education is the only vaccine in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Information about the disease, how it is transmitted, what actions can be taken for prevention, who it is affecting and effecting, and what medical resources are available to those living with the disease are valuable assets in our battle against the disease.

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Positive Outlook

Positive Outlook, Cable Positive’s bi-annual newsletter, is published and distributed to educate the industry about HIV and AIDS and to keep supporters informed about Cable Positive’s programs and events. With a circulation of more than 15,000 cable and telecommunications industry professionals, community based and AIDS service organizations, and other related industries, Positive Outlook takes an insider’s look into how the cable industry is using it resources in the fight against AIDS.

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It is Cable Positive’s mission to raise the awareness surrounding HIV/AIDS so that we can bring an end to the epidemic.  In doing so, Cable Positive has been fortunate enough to work closely with many outstanding cable networks, systems and AIDS organizations to do just that.

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Cable Positive is taking direct aim at HIV infection among the youth demographic with The Youth AIDS Media Institute (YAMI), a ground-breaking initiative made possible by a grant from the Motorola Foundation, that focuses directly on young people and the important role they play in halting the spread of the disease. YAMI’s primary mission is to empower youth to take an active interest and make a tangible impact in their communities regarding HIV and AIDS education, prevention and awareness. The institute will educate students about the power and use of new media platforms such as text and video messaging to get this job done.

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